“Tag der Regionen” on 25 October, 2023: Special dish at our Mensas


One dish, interpreted in many ways at different Mensas: The „Reiche Pilzritter“ (which means „rich mushroom knight“) consists of regional ingredients from nearby farms.

On 25 October, we will be celebrating the "Tag der Regionen" (day of the German regions)! At many of our Mensas and Cafeterias in Leipzig we will be serving a special dish consisting of regional ingredients on this special day. The dish should not only be tasty, we would also like to lay the focus on responsible consumption, sustainable nutrition and the protection of our environment with the help of this day of action.

On the occasion of the "Tag der Regionen" we present the Leipzig special dish: "Reicher Pilzritter". The dish consists of carefully selected regional ingredients that come from farmers from our surrounding area.

What does the dish consist of?

  • Homemade dumplings
  • Swiss chard and leek from nearby farms 
  • Mushrooms from the "Bio-Pilzhof Leipziger Land"

Each of our participating Mensas will prepare their own creative version of the dish. The thing that they all have in common: all used vegetables and dairy products come from our region.

The special dish will be available at the following Mensas:

Information on the producers:

Mushrooms from the "Bio-Pilzhof Leipzigerland"

  • The "Bio-Pilzhof Leipzigerland" near Borna has been cultivating edible mushrooms since 1999. Here, fresh mushrooms from ecological production are harvested manually on a daily basis. Werner Postach is owner, managing director and leading mushroom breeder since more than 30 years and is an expert regarding the ideal growth conditions for edible mushrooms of best quality. 

White Swiss chard and leek from the "Friedrichs Gut" in Trebsen, district of Altenhain

  • Bruno Friedrich cultivates an impressive vegetable diversity on his estate. Since 2015, the whole farm is cultivated exclusively ecologically. Furthermore, he runs his own beekeeping and offers juices made out of own fruits at his farm shop.

White Swiss chard from "Gemüsebau Bienert" in Taucha

  • Since 1999, farmer Maria Bienert has been running her vegetable cultivation on an area of 27 hectares at the Parthenau in Taucha and provides Leipzig and surroundings with regional vegetables and traditional grain types. Besides the ecological way of cultivating, the selection of the regional types also plays an important role.

Organic cheese from the Nemt farm

  • At the Nemt farm dairy, the freshly collected milk is directly further processed into a multitude of different dairy products. Here we have a delicious selection reaching from curd and soft cheese to cream cheese. The family-run farm in Muldental has switched to organic products at the end of 2022.

The "Tag der Regionen" has been initiated by the organisation WERTvoll. It is their goal to strengthen regional products and promote responsible consumption by using ecologically produced ingredients and considering short delivery routes.