Quality Assurance

Safe & hygienic

From purchasing to serving.

Food safety is our top priority. Already during the purchasing process we make sure to have reliable partnering companies, when preparing meals up to handing them out we apply numerous hygiene regulations.

Our in-house ecotrophologist (home economist and nutritionist) is our specialist for all matters pertaining to the areas of hygiene, food safety and nutritional physiology. Our employees are regularly trained by her and/or by invited specialists in any issues regarding hygiene, food preparation and allergen management at kitchens and serving counters.

There are regular internal hygiene audits. In addition to that, there is an external inspection carried out by the competent food control authority. During this control, the condition of the facilities, the food preparation, the documentation of cleaning and hygiene schedules as well as the temperature lists are checked. Thanks to regular visits with our suppliers, we also know the production conditions of our retailers on site.

Using our HACCP and hygiene concept, we ensure that our employees at our student restaurants and cafeterias are working on a high level in terms of hygiene. In doing so, we adhere to the current recommendations and standards. This includes, for instance, a good personal hygiene, including, among others, wearing clean work clothes in addition to complying with the rules of conduct concerning hygienic working, or also regular monitoring for pest infestation provided by external specialists. The preventive HACCP system serves to check operating processes for any potential hazards and risks. Critical points and limit values are defined (for instance a minimum temperature and minimum cooking time when cooking meat and fish dishes) and monitored on a daily basis. In case of deviations, this allows us to take countermeasures at an early stage – thus preventing hazards from arising in the first place.