• When do I sign my rental agreement?

    Please sign your rental agreement in person at the housing office within the stipulated period (for the address, see the e-mail). Please bring two passport photos.

  • What do I have to bring?

    The room is furnished with bed, mattress, wardrobe, shelf, desk, and chair.

    Please keep in mind to bring your own bedding, sheets, towels, curtains/screens, tableware, cutlery, and pots!

  • How do I get the key?

    You can get your room key at the caretaker’s office during the hours as given below at the start of the term of lease. Please note that keys are handed over only, if you present the valid rental agreement or the preliminary arrival confirmation.

    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.
    Tuesday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    Friday 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.

    Please check the room for possible defects immediately after you moved in and inform us about the defects via your tenant account or the caretaker directly.

  • Do I have to register with the City of Leipzig?

    Yes. According to the Federal Registration Act, every person moving into an apartment needs to register at the residents’ registration office within two weeks after moving in. This applies to persons living at student residences as well and is done most quickly at a nearby Residence Services Office (Bürgerbüro). The consultant in charge will provide you with the required confirmation of arrival when you conclude the rental agreement.

    When you decide whether you register your principal residence or secondary residence in Leipzig, please take the possibly incurring secondary residence tax (for secondary residence) into account.

    New from 01.01.2017: New regulations by the City of Leipzig on the second home tax apply. According to this, students in student halls of residence are not exempt anymore.

  • Do I have to pay this license fee (Rundfunkbeitrag), when I live at a student residence?

    Yes. Every person living at a residence is committed to register with the Beitragsservice von ARD, ZDF und Deutschlandradio, if they use public service broadcasting devices (TV, radio, computer etc.). You can find information about this on the websites of the contribution service.

    Exemption from license fee
    If you apply for BAföG, you need to file a provisional application for exemption with the Beitragsservice von ARD, ZDF und Deutschlandradio. Only with the provisional application for exemption filed is the Beitragsservice willing to grant retroactive exemption after the BAföG was granted.

    You will also find answers to the most frequently asked questions relating to the license fee of ARD, ZDF, and Deutschlandradio in this FAQ document (German) published by Deutsches Studentenwerk.

  • Can I bring pets?

    Keeping animals is in general forbidden at residences.


  • How do I give notice?

    Please read the terms of lease, VIII. Termination by the tenant.

  • How do I return my room?

    You have to move out at the latest at 10 a.m. on the last workday (Monday – Friday, except for public holidays, and not on december 24th and december  31th) before the rental agreements ends. We reserve the right to charge costs to your account that result from the late return of the rental unit. Regarding the return of the rental unit, please observe the move-out checklist.

  • Do I have to deregister with the City of Leipzig?

    If you move out and do not move in elsewhere in Germany, you need to deregister with the residents’ registration office within two weeks after you moved out. Deregistration is possible one week before moving out at the earliest.

  • When do I get back my security deposit?

    The security deposit, or respectively the remaining part of the total amount of such deposit after offsetting, will be refunded by the lessor no sooner than two months after termination of the tenancy agreement and return of the rented property, and upon non-revocability of the collection processes. Payback shall be made by bank transfer to the giro account specified for collection of rent, unless the tenant specifies a different giro account upon return of the accommodation. In case of a bank transfer to another country, the lessor is entitled to deduct the banking fees thus incurred from the amount paid out.

    If you want to change your bank details for refund of deposit, please use this form, complete it and send it to your official in charge.