Questions & Answers

  • I would like to put information material on display in a student restaurant. Am I allowed to do that?

    As a matter of principle, displaying information and flyers at the Studentenwerk Leipzig student restaurants and cafeterias is not allowed. At the Cafeteria Mensa am Park and in the Studentenwerk’s entrance area at Goethestraße 6 (left wall, rearmost acryl board) there are freely available pinboards which are exclusively intended for posters. Apart from these pinboards, displaying posters is not allowed in all our facilities. In case of questions, please contact the Studentenwerk department “Public Relations/Marketing/ Culture”:

  • What is the simplest way to find my favourite food?

    Our online menu has a filter function, which you can use to choose your personal dish of choice easily by diet and ingredients. We hope you will find something to your liking and look forward to your visit!

  • Where can I find the opening hours of my favourite student restaurant?

    You will find the opening hours on the detail pages of the respective facility on our web site.

  • Are there any meals for children at the student restaurants?

    Studentenwerk Leipzig is supporting students with child(ren) by means of a so-called Kinderkarte (childrens’s student restaurant card). Until they reach the age 10, this card entitles children of students of any one of Leipzig’s nine universities and academies to receive one free warm meal per day and child at the Studentenwerk Leipzig student restaurants.

    As a prerequisite for using the children’s student restaurant card, simultaneously at least two side dishes, one meal or a salad dish have to be purchased for one of the parents. When paying, the children’s student restaurant card has to be placed at the cashier’s desk in a clearly visible manner.

    The cards are always valid for one semester at a time and may then be renewed. They can be applied for, collected, renewed, returned and reported lost either directly by calling on the Studentenwerk Leipzig social counsellors, int the Studenten Service Zentrum or by writing an E-mail to:

    Studentenwerk Leipzig provides special children’s plates (Kinderteller) for children’s meals at all its student restaurants. They are available to you directly at the counter or from the student restaurant staff. Please solely use these plates with the coloured motifs for any student restaurant food you buy for your child(ren).

    Salads, desserts and the range of foods offered at the cafeterias are not considered to be part of this service. At the student restaurant Mensa am Park, only the food offered at the sales stalls on the lower level are relevant in this regard.

  • Do regionality, seasonality and other aspects of sustainability play any part concerning the products Studentenwerk Leipzig is offering?

    We consider sustainability to be a complex synergy of social, ecological, ethical, but also economic factors. For further information on this matter, please refer to our page on “Sustainability“.

  • Is the food offered at the student restaurants freshly prepared?

    All our student restaurants prepare fresh meals on a daily basis. Warm lunch meals offered at our smaller facilities (cafeterias) are supplied by the student restaurant Mensa am Elsterbecken, whereas more delicate food, such as vegetable side dishes, is prepared on site, as far as possible, because the quality of our food is very important to us. Snacks such as rolls or soups, salads and desserts as well as smoothies continue to be prepared freshly on site for each of our facilities.

  • Why is the vegan premium dish so expensive?

    Our vegan premium dish (Veganes Premiumgericht) is prepared using products with a low rate of convenience (level of pre-preparation). This means higher manpower requirements when preparing the food and thus overall higher costs for each dish, as our employees mostly need a lot more time for preparing that dish than they need for conventional dishes. In addition to that, ingredients such as nuts, soy or seitan products in particular, are often more expensive. This dish is also deliberately made to be more elaborate as it‘s meant to not only appeal to vegan customers but also to those who have high demands in terms of the refinement of a dish.

    In addition to the vegan premium dish, we also offer many other vegan foods, both at our student restaurants as well as at our cafeterias. For more information, please refer to our Offers.

  • How much food is thrown away – why can it not be passed on to social institutions?

    First of all, there are almost no leftovers at our student restaurants due to the food being prepared in batches. If, however, there happen to be some helpings left, we use the opportunity to conserve such surplus of food for further processing by means of flash-freezing. Unpacked goods that have already been offered for sale (in window display and/or in our showcases and on our counters) or that have exceeded certain times of exposure must be discarded for hygienic reasons and may not be put in circulation anymore. Therefore it is also not possible to pass this (low quantity of) food on to third parties.

  • Why are there no take-away containers in order to avoid waste of food?

    We would like to refrain from using single-use tableware for ecological reasons, among other things. From a hygienic point of view, taking away food that can no longer be kept cool or warm is also problematic. However, you are welcome to enquire for smaller portions at the counter. We would like to point out, that in that case we cannot charge lower prices.

  • Why are there no different portion sizes?

    Why are the food’s caloric values and the fat and sugar contents not indicated?

  • Why are the food’s caloric values and the fat and sugar contents not indicated?

    The food’s nutritional values are subject to natural variations and also depend on the quantity served. Therefore, any calculated energy values would only be rough estimates. If an exact value were to be indicated, we would no longer be able to attend to our customer’s individual wishes. For instance, it would no longer be possible to swap or omit any components. We are also in favour of allowing our chefs the freedom to make minor changes despite fixed recipes.

  • What do the numbers on the menu mean?

    The numbers specified behind the dishes offered on the menu, on the boards at the counters or on the cafeteria signs provide information on the presence of any additives subject to labelling and the 14 most common allergens according to the currently valid Food Information Regulation (Lebensmittelinformationsverordnung – LMIV). This information helps customers suffering from allergies and intolerances to choose their dishes. It has no bearing for customers not suffering from allergies or intolerances.

    For further information, please refer to our page “What We Offer” under the keyword ” Allergens & Additives”.

  • Do the student restaurants also offer food that I can eat if I suffer from an allergy or from a food intolerance?

    In order to enable customers suffering from allergies or intolerances to take a relaxed lunch break, we have introduced a system of additive and allergen labelling.

    For further information, please refer to our page What We Offer” under the keyword ” Allergens & Additives”.

  • How sure can I be that really all the allergens are indicated?

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    We request product data sheets for all food we purchase from the respective suppliers, containing all information about ingredients and additives as well as allergens. This information is entered into our merchandise management system and verified by a second person before any item is released. This allergen information is automatically transferred into our recipes, thus always being currently displayed in the online menu and on the monitors.

    Despite maximum accuracy and diligence, we cannot avoid traces of allergens other than those indicated for a meal from being transmitted. All our employees are regularly and intensely trained regarding this matter.

  • How do I identify vegan food?

    On the monitors, small pictograms offer you guidance. Vegan food offered in our showcases is marked by a green spot. If you have any doubts, you are welcome to ask our employees on site at any time and contact the competent student restaurant or cafeteria management.

  • Do the student restaurants also offer food on Saturdays?

    We also offer lunch to our customers on Saturdays. At our student restaurant Mensa am Park they can choose from a restricted selection each Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. This offer is also valid during semester break.

  • Do the student restaurants also offer food in the afternoons and evenings?

    In order for our customers to also be taken good care of after lunchtime, the student restaurant Mensa am Park is also open in the afternoons and evenings during lecture period. Here you can have lunch or snacks from Monday to Thursday throughout the day from 10:45 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Other student restaurants and cafeterias will be open until the afternoon or evening. For the business hours, please refer to the website of the respective facility.

  • I lost something. Is there a lost and found?

    Lost objects and belongings are stored 14 days in the respective Mensa or Cafeteria. Please ask the staff on site.

    If you lost your Mensa card, please contact Please note that your card will only be returned to you if you can undoubtedly be identified as its owner.

FAQs on the Mehrweg-to-go system

  • How does the Mehrweg-to-go system work?
    1. Registration: Download the Relevo app from Google Play, the App Store or the website and register for free. Registration is necessary because this is the only way for the system to recognizes that you are participating in the system and which reusable containers you have borrowed.
    2. Order: Download the app & have your meal served in the  Relevo reusable tableware.
    3. Borrow: Scan the QR code on the dishes & show your scan confirmation on your smartphone at the cashpoint.
    4. Enjoy: Enjoy food and drinks from the Mensa/Cafeteria with a clear conscience – wherever you want.
    5. Return: Return the dishes to any Revelo Partner within 14 days and confirm your return by scanning the QR codes. The Code can be found on the posters next to the dish trolleys at the return station.

    Check out the video, it summarizes the ordering process step by step.

  • What does it cost me to use the reusable tableware?

    The Mehrweg-to-go system, the Relevo app and the use of all dishes are free of charge for our guests.

    You can use the Relevo reusable tableware free of charge within 14 days. During these two weeks you will be reminded of the return period several times in the app and by email. After that, Relevo will charge you for a bowl not returned on time for 10€ and a mug for 5€, because if the dishes are not returned, the dishes are considered bought. This should enable a constant cycle: After all, the dishes shouldn’t pile up at home, because then they’ll be missing in the Mensa and Cafeteria.

  • Is there a deposit (“Pfand”) on the Mehrweg-to-go system?

    We decided for a Deposit (“Pfand”)-free system. The following reasons speak against a deposit (“Pfand”):

    • Deposit (“Pfand”) is too high when serving: “10€ deposit for 3€ noodles? I need a loan so that I can bring my classmate with me! “
    • Deposit (“Pfand”) is too low when returning: “3€ deposit for a whole bowl? I’m not going back for that, It’ll be used in my WG anyway!”
    • Deposit (“Pfand”) does not achieve climate-friendliness: low return rates and long loan periods lead to low reuse in order to compensate for the higher production emissions compared to disposable items.
  • Can I take part in the Mehrweg-to-go system, if I don’t have a smartphone with internet access?

    Yes and no. Downloading and registering in the Relevo App is required to use the reusable system.

    However, you can use your own reusable tableware under the following conditions (more on this in the next question)!

  • Can I bring my own reusable tableware to the cafeteria, if I do not want to participate in the Mehrweg-to-go system?

    If our guests do not want to take part in the Mehrweg-to-go system, they have the option of filling the food from their plate into their own reusable container after the checkout and taking it with them. A filling of containers by our employees is not possible, due to our strict hygienic requirements.

  • Why did the Studentenwerk introduce a new reusable system?

    Even if our disposable packaging has been selected according to sustainability aspects and is completely biodegradable, the individual components are difficult or impossible to separate and dispose correctly.

    The facts are obvious: the more environmentally friendly solution is reusable packaging. For this reason, we have also decided to initially offer reusable tableware as an alternative in the Mensa and Cafeteria am Park.

    Simply download the Relevo App, register, or if necessary, bring your own reusable tableware. It has rarely been so easy to do something good for the environment!

  • In which Mensas can the Mehrweg-to-go system currently be used?

    Relevo reusable tableware is currently available in the Mensa and Cafeteria am Park, the Mensa and Cafeteria am Medizincampus, the Mensa am Elsterbecken, Mensa Academica, Mensa Peterssteinweg, the Mensaria am Botanischen Garten, the Cafeteria Dittrichring as well as in the Cafeteria im Musikviertel. 

  • I do not own reusable tableware. Can I buy Relevo bowls and mugs in the Mensa or Cafeteria?

    A sale is possible on request. A bowl costs 20 €, a mug 5 €.

  • How sustainable is this particular reusable tableware?

    The particular reusable tableware is manufactured by ORNAMIN and is entirely produced in Germany. It can be used up to 1.000 times and is then completely recyclable.

    The reusable tableware consists of the food-safe materials SAN (cups and bowls), TPE (lids for cups and bowls) and PP (the corresponding closure for the cups). They are deliberately not made from melamine, as the bowls and cups are put in the microwave in everyday use to warm up food or drinks. Therefore a high-quality thermoplastic material is used that is dishwasher-safe, break-proof and microwave-safe.

  • What is the quality of the reusable tableware?
    • The bowls and mugs are very stable, unbreakable, leak-proof and heat-resistant.
    • The reusable tableware can be reused over 1.000 times.
    • The products are made in Germany, are dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe (the latter, please, without the lid).
  • What happens to my personal data?

    To participate in the reusable system, you need to download and register the Relevo App. A few personal details must be provided in the app, which are essential for the use of the reusable system.

    The Studentenwerk Leipzig does not collect any personal data. Neither do we have access to the data processed by the reservation process in the app. The processing of personal data is therefore the responsibility of the company Relevo. Further information about the protection of personal data at Relevo can be found in the data protection declaration of the Relevo company.

  • What happens if I don’t return my Relevo reusable tableware within 14 days?

    There are no costs for users of the reusable system as long as they return the dishes within 14 days. During these two weeks, they will be reminded of the return deadline several times in the app and by email. Afterwards, Relevo charges 10 € for a bowl and 5 € for a cup not returned on time, because if they are not returned, they are considered purchased. That is to enable a continuous cycle: After all, the bowls and cups should not pile up at home, as they are then missing again in the Mensa or Cafeteria.

  • My loan period is about to expire and I cannot come to campus within 14 days. Can someone else return my Relevo dishes for me?

    Yes. In this case, give your rented Relevo dishes to any other representative. It is required that they have loaded the Relevo App on their smartphone. After scanning the relevant QR code for your Relevo dishes in the app, they will be asked whether they would like to take over the dishes from you. If they agree to take over, they are responsible for returning the dishes in time and can bring the loaned Relevo container back for you at the return station.

  • What if I have neither my smartphone nor my own reusable dishes with me. Can I eat in the Mensa am Park at all?

    For these cases we have an emergency ration of disposable tableware in stock, which we are happy to help out with.

  • Do I have to wash the Relevo reusable tableware before returning it?

    This depends on when the reusable tableware is returned to the return station after use. If the reusable dishes cannot be returned on the same day, food residues must be removed and the container cleaned. Mold can quickly form on food residue, making it difficult to handle the dishes in a healthy and hygienic manner.

  • What happens if I leave scratch marks on the Relevo reusable tableware through normal use? Can I still return the dishes or do I have to buy them?

    The Relevo reusable tableware is robust. There should be little or no scratch marks with normal use. You can put the bowls and mugs back into the reusable cycle and do not need to buy the dishes. If, after repeated use, there are clearly visible signs of use, the dishes will be replaced by us after they have been returned. Dishes that can no longer be used are fed into the recovered substance cycle and since it is completely recyclable, new materials can be created from it.

  • I would like to return my Relevo reusable tableware on the same day. Until when can I reach the return stations?

    The reusable tableware can be returned to the return station on the same day, during the daily opening times.

  • I would like to use Relevo but I do not want to install an app on my smartphone. Is there a web app?

    Yes, there is the Relevo Web App with which issues and returns can be made without downloading and installing an app.

    The use works as follows:

    • Open the website on your smartphone:
    • Log in with existing account or conduct first registration directly via the website
    • Scan the QR code on the Relevo box with you smartphone camera
    • Done!
  • Where can I find more information about the Relevo Mehrweg-to-go system?

    The most important information on how the reusable system works can be found on our website “Sustainability in Mensas and Cafeterias”.

    In case of any difficulties or specific questions about the app, it is best to contact Relevo.