Mobility Fund

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The Mobility Fund is used to finance, among other things, services offered for bicyclists.

All students pay 2 Euros into the Mobility Fund together with their semester contribution. The services financed via the Mobility Fund may therefore be used by all students who are liable to pay this fee. In order to provide evidence of your entitlement to this service (for instance concerning the use of a do-it-yourself bicycle repair shop), you will need to present your valid student card.

Student projects and contributions regarding the semester ticket, especially in order to support students going by bicycle, may be financed by means of the Mobility Fund. For instance, ever since the “Leipzig model” exists, this Fund has been used for setting up bicycle racks at many of the university locations throughout the city. The Mobility Fund also facilitates special discounts regarding do-it-yourself bicycle repair shops.

The collaboration with Studitransporter for cheaper truck rental rates for students on short notice was terminated, as there are meanwhile various similar private offers available in Leipzig.

Funds are allocated following written application within the limits of available funding. Applications may be submitted by all students of the associated universities and academies. As a general rule, the benefit of any such solicited projects should be confirmed by the relevant competent student department representatives (Fachschaftsrat) and/or student council (Studentenrat). The final decision is taken by the Studentenwerk Semesterticketausschuss (STA) (Semester Ticket Committee).

Any objections to the decisions taken by this Committee may be submitted to the Administrative Board within a period of four weeks after notification. At its next regular meeting, the Administrative Board will then take a new and final decision on the matter at hand.

Studentenwerk Leipzig / Semesterticketausschuss
Postfach 100 928
04009 Leipzig