The city of Leipzig has announced in a general decree (German version) that all residence documents will be extended until 19 April 2020. Information in differnet languages is also available on the website of the Free State of Saxony.

Please note: Unfortunately, we are not able to give you any information about enrolments and other university-related formalities. Please refer directly to your university/academy. Their contacts are on this webpage in the "First Contact" section. If you are looking for a room in our student halls of residence, please inform directly on our dedicated webpages.

Studentenwerk Leipzig Services

Our services are free of charge for students attending the universities and academies covered by us.

First Contact

For international students, the first place to go are the International Centres (Akademisches Auslandsamt) or the persons assigned with this task at the respective university.

You can find excellent information on studies in Germany on the Deutsches Studentenwerk and DAAD websites.

Links for International Students

Here are helpful links for the start and duration of your studies as well as for your time beyond Leipzig University.

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If you need help, please contact the student councils as quoted above, Psychosocial Counselling or Social Counselling services of Studentenwerk Leipzig.

Beyond that, there is the anti-discrimination agency of Saxony:

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Here’s a video which shows how much living and studying roughly costs per month.

Watch the Video

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Fast and anonymous help is provided by the late night student-operated helpline "Nightline".

Mo – Fr, 9 p.m. – 12 p.m. // Phone: + 49 341 973 7777

Assistance and support for personal or study-related problems is also provided by Studentenwerk Leipzig’s Psychosocial Counselling and Social Counselling.

Questions & Answers

We answer your questions. If, however, you are not sure who or which office to contact, send us an e-mail or visit the SSZ to get personal counselling!

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This and many more questions about accommodation answers the Housing section on our website.

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The Social Counselling department of Studentenwerk Leipzig can help you professionally and, if you want to, anonymously.

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For questions concerning your study abroad, please contact the International Center in charge or the person in charge at the university you attend listed above in the section "First contact". The DAAD website provides helpful information as well.

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If you fall ill or need medical advice, the City of Leipzig has compiled a health guide including a list of doctors speaking other languages than German. Click here to open the list given in the "Health guide for migrants".

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