What exactly is a Buddy?

Buddys are students who seek out other students to interact socially, openly, and curiously. How this exchange takes place is entirely up to you. However, you should be willing to invest some time and the exchange should take place at eye level. For example, if you want to improve your language skills, are looking for like-minded people to make music with, want to meet someone who shares your enthusiasm for improv theatre… and are willing to share your skills and knowledge in return, then you can be a buddy.

How to find your Buddy

Send an email to tutoren@studentenwerk-leipzig.de with the following info:

  1. What can you offer your buddy?
  2. What would you like in return from your buddy?
  3. Hobbies, studies, interests, musical tastes, soft skills etc.

The tutors will contact you if the buddy matching was successful..