Vegan-friendly: Mensa am Medizincampus receives three stars by PETA


Awarded by the animal protection association PETA Germany: Mensa am Medizincampus is among the best Mensas with three stars.

The Mensa am Medizincampus receives three stars in the ranking "vegan-friendliest Mensa 2023" by the animal protection association PETA Germany. The assessment criteria for the "vegan-friendliest Mensa 2023" focused mainly on the daily offer of vegan dishes, on special instructions the staff members got regarding the preparation of vegan meals, the plant-based drinks offer for coffee specialities and campaigns on the topic "vegan". Additionally the respective Mensa's overall concept as well as its development over the years played a role.

Uwe Kubalie, director of the Studentenwerk's department Mensas & Cafeterias/Central Purchase is very happy with the result: "We are observing that the topic of vegan nutrition becomes more and more important for an increasing number of students. We have been offering vegan dishes already since 2012 and have expanded our offer continuously since. We receive a positive feedback from the Leipzig students every day for this."

In the Studentenwerk Leipzig's facilities various vegan dishes are offered on a daily basis, like the vegan premium dish, wok dishes or vegetable plates, but as well vegan snacks and smoothies. But that is not all, as Kubalie explains: "Furthermore we run a vegan bakery since 2017 in which we produce vegan cake and pastries for selected Mensas and Cafeterias of Studentenwerk Leipzig."

Already for the 7th time PETA has conducted a survey with Mensas and Cafeterias on different aspects around the topic of vegan nutrition. Altogether 41 Studentenwerke took part. Based on the incoming answers some of the facilities have been awarded in the form of gastronomic stars and the vegan-friendliest Mensas 2023 have been crowned.