Student restaurants’ spring campaign


Say bye-bye winter and hello spring – in the culinary way.

Bye-bye winter, hello spring: Mensa Peterssteinweg and Mensa am Park let the sunshine in and welcome spring with special dishes.

On March 17, restaurant manager of Mensa Peterssteinweg Martin Beyer and his team start to say good-bye to winter in the culinary way. This is for now the last but one time for you to enjoy winter delicacies like roast goose or chestnut burgers. As of March 20, the team of Mensa Peterssteinweg welcomes spring with fresh and fruity dishes.

Restaurant manager of Mensa am Park René Sonne and his team ring in the spring in a special promotion week: As of March 20, they offer different vegetable tartlets every day over the promotion counter.

Monday: Spring tartlet with cauliflower and radish
Tuesday: Provencal vegetable tartlet
Wednesday: Zucchini and carrot tartlet au gratin
Thursday: Tartlet "Trikolor" with shrimps
Friday: Fresh wild garlic and carrot tartlet

Enjoy your meal and have a merry springtime!