New Online Offers of our Social Counselling Service

The Social Counselling Service offers new online events from June. The new offers focus on the topics of studying during pregnancy or with children, studying with disabilities or chronic illnesses, financing of studies and studying in Germany.

The new online offers of our Social Counselling Service

Online-Veranstaltungen Sozialberatung

The Social Counselling Service provides advice on numerous topics that may become relevant during your studies. What do I have to consider when working while studying? How do I organize my student and family life? Are there networking possibilities for students with a chronic illness and/or disability? What should international students or students with a background of flight know?

As of June 2021, various online events of our Social Counselling Service will be taking part. You will receive useful information on various topics related to financing your studies, studying during a pregnancy or with child(ren), studying with a chronic illness and/or disability, and studying with a residence permit.

Overview of upcoming events

  • Studying and pregnancy - What should I know before birth (online lecture)
  • Studying while pregnant or with child(ren) - All about financing and organizing your studies (online lecture)
  • Studying with child(ren) - Childcare and associated costs (online lecture)
  • Round Table: Studying with a disability/chronic illness (regular online meetings)
  • Financing your studies - BAföG, social benefits, scholarships, loans (online lecture)
  • Working while studying (online lecture)
  • How to survive the German bureaucracy? (online lecture)

During the lectures there will be a chance for individual questions to be answered. Registration for the event is not necessary. You can also spontaneously log into the online room. You can find links to the events as well as more details on the corresponding page of the Social Counselling Service.

The new online offers of our Social Counselling Service