#beinternational – Schmalkalden University is starting a photo, logo and hashtag competition

Foto-, Logo- und Hashtagwettbewerbe “Sei International”

Creative minds are needed: Using the slogan „be international“, the International Office of Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Schmalkalden) is calling for a photo, logo and hashtag competition.

They are looking for pictures, logos and hashtags on the subjects of internationality, interculturality, global collaboration, exchange, dialogue, experiences abroad, discoveries, conquests, adventures in foreign countries, and anything else students might associate with this slogan.

For more information regarding the individual competitions of Hochschule Schmalkalden see:

This competition is also open for students, teaching staff and employees of other universities or academies. You can win 100 Euro shopping vouchers. The closing date is August 31 2016.