BAföG turns 50


Anniversary with an aftertaste: Need for BAföG reforms

On 1 September 2021, BAföG turns 50 years old – congratulations! Over the years, BAföG has helped millions of students finance their studies. It has undergone a number of necessary reforms and will have to continue to change in the future.

We would like to take this day as an opportunity to appreciate our colleagues in the Department for Grants. They are the students' contact persons for all matters concerning BAföG and have been helpful to many students in financing their studies. Some of them even since the beginning, when BAföG was also introduced in the "new federal states" in 1991. They review the applications received and are in charge of calculating the individual grants. The picture shows some faces behind the names on the BAföG notifications.

But the anniversary comes with an aftertaste: BAföG urgently needs to be reformed. The Studentenwerk demands this, among other things, through its umbrella organization, the Deutsches Studentenwerk, which acts on behalf of the regional student organizations. The University of Leipzig has published an interesting article on this subject, in which the head of the BAföG office, Jevgeni Litvinov, also gets his say.

Nevertheless, we would like to encourage you to (continue to) submit applications for BAföG funding. Every application demonstrates the need for (better) support!

On our website you will find all information on this topic. From A like application form to I like interest-free full loan.