Useful tips from our psychosocial counselling service for organizing everyday life in times of Coronavirus

Coping with university tasks alone, establishing routines in everyday life and mastering the Corona crisis at home with children: All these are new challenges for which our psychosocial counselling has now prepared useful tips.

The Corona crisis has changed our everyday life. The restrictions that have been imposed require us to adapt to the new situation and make the best of it. Activities that would normally have provided a little time out, new energy or simply distraction are not possible at the moment. In such uncertain times and in the absence of an external structure, building your own routine can provide orientation and become a source of both predictability and fulfillment. In order to help build such a routine, our Psychosocial Sounselling Service has prepared various guidelines with tips for everyday life, advice on how to cope with university tasks on your own or ideas on how to get through the crisis with children.

schreibende Frau auf Sofa mit Notizbuch

Tips for organising your daily routine

In uncertain times, when there is a lack of structure from the outside, building up your own routine can provide orientation, a feeling of control as well as stability and become a source of predictability and satisfaction. Above all, pay attention to your individual needs and be creative when creating your personal day-to-day routine. We would like to present some possible building bricks for more structure in everyday life.

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Managing university tasks in a structured way

The start of the semester is delayed for Leipzig‘s many students. This causes yet more uncertainty. Especially now it is important to keep a clear head and ask yourself what kind of preparations and tasks you can carry out for university. The following are some techniques and tips on how you can approach and master university-related tasks.

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Tips for staying at home with children during the corona crisis

Without day-care centre and school and with the contact restrictions imposed because of the corona crisis, everyday life with children becomes a special challenge. We have prepared a few tips that can help you get through this time well, no matter if with babies,toddlers and with kindergarten and school children.

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Frau mit geschlossenen Augen, konzentriert, achtsam

Mindfulness: Tips to live in the here and now

In our everyday life we are often far from being mindful: when we do several things at once or automatically, or when we are controlled by established habits, thought patterns and beliefs. We are in „autopilot-mode“. Being mindful, on the other hand, means observing internal and external processes with undivided, calm attention and to perceive them as a holistic image. Mindfulness in other words, means to be present - completely in the here and now.

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Initial help on dealing with (negative) feelings

Contact restrictions imposed to contain the corona crisis lead to various restrictions on our everyday life. In particular, feelings of loneliness and boredom can occur and be very stressful. For this reason, we have collected some strategies that might be helpful to cope well with the period of contact restrictions.

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Hände die Teig kneten

List of pleasant activities to do at home

The following list contains a number of activities that many people find relaxing and enjoyable, and which do not interfere witch contact restrictions. You can mark the activities you would like to undertake in the near future. The list is not complete. If you can think of other activities, add them to the bottom of the list.

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