Submit your BAföG application now!


It’s worth applying for BAföG. If you would like to be receive BAföG from the winter semester onwards, you should submit your application in time!

If you would like to receive BAföG from winter semester 2019/20 onwards, you must submit your application by 31 October 2019 (date of receipt) to the Department for Grants (Amt für Ausbildungsförderung) in order to secure your benefits for October.

It is worth applying!

  • From winter semester 2019/20 there will be higher BAföG benefits & higher allowances on parents' income
  • More students than ever have the chance to receive BAföG
  • The BAföG rates increase to 744 EUR for students under 25, to 853 EUR for students under 30 and to 933 EUR for students over 30
  • If you receive e.g. the maximum rate of 853 EUR/month, you'll receive approximately 51,000 EUR from the state for ten semesters
  • Only a maximum of 10,010 EUR has to be paid back, the rest is remitted
  • Upon application, receivers of BAföG are exempt from the Rundfunkbeitrag (German TV/radio licence)

Learn more about the new BAföG on our webpage "More BAföG in 2019."