Studentenwerk Leipzig introduces “Freitisch” vouchers and increases hardship means


Mensa vouchers and more financial means for hardships – Studentenwerk Leipzig increases support for students facing an financial emergency situation.

Due to inflation, students are increasingly facing money worries. This is why the Studentenwerk Leipzig expands the support offers for students exposed to financial emergencies that they are not responsible for. These students from now on have the opportunity to receive "Freitisch" vouchers in the value of 100 Euros for the Mensas and Cafeterias. 

"Because of the ongoing inflation, financing one's studies with only little financial means can lead to an financial emergency situation relatively fast. In some cases the money is not even enough to buy food! With the help of the "Freitisch" vouchers we are offering these students a fast and straightforward temporary support. Already during its founding period more than a hundred years ago the Studentenwerk Leipzig used to support needy students with free food through the "Freitische" which were financed by donations. This is the idea we are now picking up again ", explains Julia Winkler who leads the Social Services Department at Studentenwerk Leipzig. 

Additionally, the Studentenwerk increases its Hardship funds from previously 12,500 to 80,000 Euros. The Hardship funds grants are assigned by the Social Counselling service of the Studentenwerk as well. 

The "Freitisch" vouchers are exclusively valid in the Mensas and Cafeterias of the Studentenwerk Leipzig. There is no legal entitlement for "Freitisch" vouchers or hardship means.