Studentenwerk increases coffee prices in all Mensas and Cafeterias


Further price increases loom / Fee on disposable packaging to be reintroduced

The Studentenwerk Leipzig is increasing the prices for coffee and coffee specialities (latte macchiato, cappuccino, etc.) in all Mensas and Cafeterias by up to 20 cents as of 17 October. The reason is the increased purchase price for coffee beans, cocoa, cow's milk and plant milk. In the new year, further price increases in the Studentenwerk's offer cannot be ruled out.

"We haven't had a price increase on coffee drinks since 2020," explains Uwe Kubaile, department head of Mensas & Cafeterias/Central Purchasing, "But with the war against Ukraine, the pandemic and the known consequences, the prices for coffee beans, cocoa, cow's milk and plant milk in purchasing have risen so much in the meantime that we now can't avoid a price adjustment."

From now on, the prices for coffee and coffee specialities will be based on the cup or mug size. For example, a small coffee (125 ml) will cost students 75 cents instead of 65 cents. For a pot of coffee (300 ml) they will now pay 1.50 euros instead of 1.30 euros. The previous surcharge for additional portions of milk with coffee no longer applies.

Further price increases in the Mensa and halls of residence expected

But Kubaile fears further price increases in the Mensas and Cafeterias of the Studentenwerk Leipzig in the coming year: "The rising cost of food is currently causing us a lot of problems in purchasing goods. Nevertheless, we are making every effort to keep our low prices for students as low as possible. For example, we replace individual components in the recipes if they are too expensive on the market. But our room for manoeuvre is limited. That is why we have already had to move numerous dishes up in the price categories, but have so far refrained from generally raising our price categories. For the time being, students will continue to get our low-priced bestseller such as the pasta plate for 2.10 euros – but at the moment it is impossible to say whether we will have to increase meal prices further in the meantime."

The development of energy prices is a major concern for Kubaile for the coming year: "We have to bear the costs for electricity and heating in the Mensas and Cafeterias ourselves. We do receive a subsidy from the Free State of Saxony to help cover these costs. However, the draft budget for 2023/24, which is currently being negotiated, does not take into account current inflationary developments. If we do not receive relief from the state for these inflation-related cost increases, we will have to make significant increases in meal prices and semester fees in 2023."

In the student halls of residence, the situation is even more dramatic. There, the managing director of the Studentenwerk Leipzig, Dr. Andrea Diekhof, believes that rent increases are inevitable for 2023: "According to current estimates, we expect an increase in energy costs of 45 euros per dormitory place and month next year! Added to this is the cost pressure due to the drastic increase in prices for construction and maintenance services. As things stand and without additional support from the state, significant rent increases in 2023 are therefore unavoidable in order to ensure cost coverage despite price-related cost increases."

Environmental charge on disposable packaging reintroduced

Also on 17 October 2022, the environmental fee of 30 cents on disposable packaging will be reintroduced in the refectories and cafeterias of the Leipzig Student Union. It had been temporarily suspended during the pandemic.

The Studentenwerk supplies students on site in the Mensas and Cafeterias. That is our core task. As a supplementary service, students can take food and drinks to their seminar rooms, lecture halls, etc. With this take-away offer, we want to reward environmentally friendly behaviour on the part of our guests. With the Relevo reusable system and the option for guests to use their own containers for food and drinks, we offer ecological and free alternatives to disposable packaging. Only if these options are not desired do we charge an environmental fee of 30 cents per cup or 50 cents for food trays.