Special offers in your Mensa: Oktoberfest and Venison-week


Between 21 October and 25 October two Mensas at once have special offers for you: Oktoberfest & Venison-week.

In the week of 21 October to 25 October two Mensas at a time are mixing up their menu. 

During this week the Mensa am Elsterbecken is hosting a "Venison-week" special. A regional high-quality game dish will be offered every day.  Among other things there will be  roasted venison leg from the Gönnetal and rabbit joint from the region. 

In the Mesa An den Tierklininken an Oktoberfest special will be taking place that same week. Hearty plates like Bavarian "Leberkäse", roasted chicken halves and "Käsespätzle" will be on the menu. 

You can find all dishes on our menu. Enjoy your meal!