Renewal of the locking system in our Student Halls of Residence


We are gradually replacing the old locking systems in our Student Halls of Residence by digital ones.

For more safety: we are replacing the mechanical locking systems previously installed in our Student Halls of Residence step by step with digital locking systems. If a conventional key is lost, the entire locking cylinder must be replaced. With a digital locking system, the electronic keys, so-called transponders, can be locked and replaced, in case of loss, with relatively little effort and without having to replace the cylinder. 

In 2019, we have already replaced the locking systems in the Student Halls of Residence in Philipp-Rosenthal-Straße, Mannheimer Straße and Straße des 18. Oktober 23-33. This year, we will replace more old locking systems. During renovation and modernisation measures we already install digital locking cylinders as a standard. These improvements are also necessary because of the rising number of burglaries in the Student Halls of Residence.

The Studentenwerk Leipzig has so far financed the costs of these renovations exclusively from its own financial resources. Since the construction costs are constantly rising, the installation of digital locking systems in the aforementioned dormitories in 2019 was co-financed by taxes amounting to €175,000 based on the budget approved by the Saxon state parliament. In 2019, a total of approximately €345,000 euros was spent on the alteration of the locking systems in addition to the modernisation measures.