Psychosocial Counselling: New Service for HMT Students


Expanded psychosocial counselling service of Studentenwerk Leipzig.

Suffering from stress or stage fright? As of now, students of Hochschule für Musik und Theater “Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy” (HMT) can benefit from a new service! In order to preserve the fun of artistic and musical production, the focus is on the special needs of HMT students. There will be single counselling and group sessions on topics like

  • handling stage fright,
  • reducing anxiety in exam situations and public performances,
  • coping with stress and how to prevent it in the first place,
  • individual relaxation techniques and
  • maintaining motivation for studying.

Because of HMT‘s international orientation, counselling is offered in German, English and French (other languages by request). Other psychosocial counselling offers by Studentenwerk Leipzig for HMT students do not differ from counselling for students from other universities or academies. There are offers on topics which are relevant for students like procrastination, doubts regarding the right choice of subject, problems finishing studies, support for personal problems in relationships or social situations, mood disorders, self-doubts, substance abuse and various anxieties. 

The person in charge of services for HMT students is Dipl.-Psych. Ulrike Seidel,

Students of HMT are of course allowed to make use of other offers and services of Studentenwerk Leipzig like Psychosocial Counselling and Social Counselling.