Photography Exhibition: “Leipzigs Lichter. Leipzigs Farben.”


The current exhibition at Studentenwerk Leipzig is called “Leipzigs Lichter. Leipzigs Farben.” Photographer Volmar Hartung sets off after sunset and captures unique atmospheres.

In his current exhibition at Studentenwerk Leipzig, Volmar Hartung shows Leipzig as beautiful and diverse as it is. Under the title “Leipzigs Lichter. Leipzigs Farben.”, Hartung spotlights famous and lost places of the city in classical and exceptional ways.

Volmar Hartung currently studies History and German in the teacher training program at the University of Leipzig. He lives in Leipzig since 2012 and says about the city „Posh and modern on the one side and out of date on the other: that‘s Leipzig in my view. I‘m trying to catch both sides of the city on camera, its lights and colors as well as its lost places.“

The photographs are on display in the hallways of the first and second floor at Studentenwerk Leipzig, Goethestraße 6.

More information on the photgrapher and his work is available on Volmar Hartung‘s homepage.