Online Writing Lab From 17 July


Our Writing Lab is again available from 17 July and will be taking place online!

Our Writing Lab, usually taking place on a weekly basis, unfortunately had to be cancelled for a few months due to Covid-19. From 17 July 2020 our Psychosocial Counselling Service will restart the weekly workshop – but virtually.

If you cannot seem to get yourself to prepare for seminars or to write a term paper or your thesis, our writing lab might be just the right place for you.

The Writing lab offers a (virtual) coworking room where students can address their tasks together with others. Firstly, you can reflect on your individual work behaviour and possible difficulties with a consultant and define the next work steps based on the current status of your project. Then you have 45 minutes for starting your work, which will be briefly evaluated. Finally, you have the possibility to plan the work process for the upcoming the coming week.

Contents and goals:

  • Reflecting on your own work behaviour
  • Identifying difficulties and finding suitable strategies for overcoming them
  • Finding a start into the work process and use our long-term support if needed
  • Planning your time and defining your tasks (on a weekly basis)
  • Mutual assistance

When and where:

  • Starting from 17 July 2020 onward every Friday from 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
  • If you are interested in participating please send an e-mail to to receive login data.