New Student Restaurant on the University’s Medical Campus Opens in Summer 2019


The student restaurant at the university medical facilities has a capacity of almost 500 seats / 1,400 meals can be served daily.

In more than three years of construction time under the direction of the department Leipzig II of Staatsbetrieb Sächsisches Immobilien- und Baumanagement (SIB), the former restaurant of the University of Leipzig Medical Center was extensively refurbished and rebuilt. The Saxon state secretary for education and cultural affairs Uwe Gaul presented the finished building to Leipzig University’s rector Prof. Dr. Beate Schücking and Studentenwerk Leipzig’s vice managing director Grit Schräpel.

Studentenwerk Leipzig’s new “Mensa am Medizincampus” is now situated at garden level in “Haus D”. The Medicine and Sciences Library is located on ground level and the first floor. The new training facility for medical students “LernKlinik” is on the second floor.

In summer 2019, Studentenwerk Leipzig will start operating its new student restaurant “Mensa am Medizincampus”, including a new cafeteria, to serve about 7,000 students, university employees of Leipzig University’s Faculty of Medicine and other faculties in the surrounding area daily. Two dining halls provide space for 400 guests, 84 guests can be seated outdoors. From the summer semester, the newest professional kitchen equipment makes serving approx. 1,400 meals per day possible. Studentenwerk Leipzig’s free flow concept, which allows individual meal combinations, is applied here as well (as it is in student restaurant Mensa am Park).

From October 2015, Studentenwerk Leipzig operated the interim restaurant “Mensaria” which holds space for 200 guests near the grounds of the former restaurant. The building costs amount to 25.3 Mio. EUR. The construction measure was co-financed by tax money on the basis of the budget decided by members of the Saxon Landtag.