New events of our tutors


In the winter semester 22/23, the tutors of the Leipzig Studentenwerk will once again offer numerous events to get to know other students as well as Leipzig and the surrounding area.

  • 12 October 2022 Speed friendship

    • Without pre-registration; 5-minute rounds to get to know each other with moderation by the tutors; non-alcoholic drinks are provided by the Studentenwerk.
      6.00 p.m., Tutors’ Lounge
  • 15 October 2022 Saxon Switzerland

    • We're off to beautiful Saxon Switzerland to hike in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains with their fascinating microclimate and rare animal and plant species. Day trip with pre-registration by e-mail.
       06.00 p.m., Tutors’ Lounge
  • 08 November 2022 Cooking event

    • One week before the event, all participants will be divided into teams. They cook together at home on the day of the event and bring their dish with them; non-alcoholic drinks are provided by the Studentenwerk. With two weeks' advance registration by email.
       06.00 p.m. , Tutors’ Lounge
  • 20 November 2022 Kunstkraftwerk

    • A special kind of art can be discovered at the Kunstkraftwerk. Pre-registration by mail.
       01.00 p.m.  , Mendebrunnen (Augustusplatz)
  • 26 November 2022 Erfurt & Christmas market

    • Visiting the old town and the Molsdorf Castle Museum. Day trip with advance booking.
       10.00 a.m., Hauptbahnhof Leipzig
  • 01 December 2022 Baking biscuits

    • We bake the Christmas biscuits together in our tutors' lounge. There will be a small surprise prize for the most beautiful biscuit. We will provide ingredients and drinks. Pre-registration by e-mail is requested.
       06.00 p.m.  , Tutors’ Lounge
  • 10 December 2022 Altenburg & Christmas market

    • We visit the old town and then the playing card museum. Day trip with pre-registration by e-mail.
       10.00 a.m. , Hauptbahnhof Leipzig
  • 14 January 2023 Halloren Chocolate factory

    • Guided tour of the Halloren Museum, Germany's oldest chocolate factory in Halle. Day trip with pre-registration by e-mail.
       01.00 p.m. , Hauptbahnhof Leipzig
  • 05 February 2023 Panometer 

    • The Panometer is a very special exhibition building. On display is the exhibition "NEW YORK 9/11 – War in Times of Peace". With pre-registration by e-mail.
       01.00 p.m. , Mendebrunnen (Augustusplatz)

Please register by e-mail to: