Modernisation of the dishwasher in Mensa Academica

Building measures in Mensa Academica – Studentenwerk is asking guests for their help.
leere Teller

As of 18 November, the usual routine in Mensa Academica will be restricted due to measures to renew the dishwashing system. We therefore ask our guests for their help in order to ensure trouble-free operation. Guests are requested to dispose of their left-over food and napkins from their plates into the marked containers when returning dishes. The used cutlery and dishes should be deposited in the marked area.

In order to keep the amount of dishwashing during the construction phase as low as possible, we are temporarily selling our hot beverages exclusively in disposable cups. The usual 20 cent additional fee on disposable cups will not be charged.

The construction work is expected to continue until mid-February. We kindly ask all of our guests for understanding.

alternative Geschirrrückgabe (Marie Nowicki / HTWK Leipzig)
temporary return of dishes (c) Marie Nowicki / HTWK Leipzig

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