International Cooking: Good food, great mood


On 15 November, some of our international students took over Mensa am Medizincampus and prepared delicious dishes from their home countries.

Almost 200 guests came to Mensa am Medizincampus on Friday to taste delicious food: International students followed our invitation and prepared tasty dishes from their countries of origin. The dimensions of the Mensa kitchen, both in quantities of food and in the cooking eqipment, were anything but usual for the students. However our international cooks did not take long to get used to cooking on a bigger scale and could count on the help of our Mensa-Team. "Why we organised this event? In Leipzig students are 13% international students and food can bring people together", says managing director of the Studentenwerk Dr. Andrea Diekhof shortly before the opening of the buffet. Said buffet included food from Yemen, Ecuador, Egypt and China. The guests enjoyed their meal and honoured our student chefs with a big applause. 

If you want to recook the dishes at home, you can download the recipes below.