Information for students on the “Energiepreispauschale”


A one-time payment of 200 euros which can be applied for from 15 March – here are the most important information on the application for you.

With the one-off "Energiepreispauschale" the Federal Government wants to relieve people during their education. The one-time payment can be applied for online from 15 March.

Who can apply?

Following the "Studierenden-Energiepreispauschalengesetz" (EPPSG), students who

  • have been enrolled at a university or an institute in Germany by 1 December, 2022 and
  • are resident in Germany 

can apply for the payment.

What do I need for the application?

You need a BundID account for the applicationThis should be created before the application is made.  

To prove your identity, you additionally need the following: 

  • Your online identity document. To prove your identity online, you can use your identity card, the electronic residence permit, your EU-identity or your Union citizen card. 


  • Your personal ELSTER certificate.

Furthermore you need a smartphone and an identification app, e.g. the "AusweisApp2", for the online identification function. 

eID station in Leipzig

In the local city office in the Otto-Schill-Straße there is an eID station. It contains two computers that are equipped with a card reader and a scanner. The station can be used without an appointment during the opening hours of the local city office Otto-Schill-Straße. 

How can I apply?

  • The nationwide uniform application for the disbursement of the one-time payment following the EPPSG should be possible for everyone who is allowed to apply from 15 March.
  • As soon as the application is possible, your institute will contact you and tell you the login data you need for the application. You don't need to ask for it.
  • The application is made online via
  • The application for the one-time payment can be done relatively fast. Provided that you created a BundID account with online identity function beforehand, you will only need a couple of minutes for the application.