Festive Food: Christmas special in all Mensas


In the week from 9 to 13 December, all Mensas offer at least one Christmas dish every day.

Christmas is approaching in big steps and to get you in the mood we serve festive dishes: From 9 to 13 December there is at least one Christmas meal a day in all of our Mensas! 

On Monday the Mensa Academica starts with a roast venison in prune sauce. On Wednesday the Mensa am Park offers the popular goose leg classic as a quick plate. For those who like it less classical: the Mensa am Elsterbecken also has a X-Mas-deer-Burger on Wednesday. In Mensa Schönauer Straße there is a Christmas venison goulash on Thursday. To conclude the action week, the Mensa am Medizincampus on Friday prepares you for the holidays with Christmas pancakes.

Vegetarian or vegan Christmas dishes are also part of the menu: there will be vegan Currywurst on Monday in the Mensa an den Tierkliniken, chestnut patties on Wednesday in Mensa Academica and on Thursday Mensa am Elsterbecken offers a sweet potato ragout with turnips, walnuts & mangel, in Mensa Peterssteinweg there is Tagliatelle with kale soycream sauce & chopped walnuts. As always, all dishes can be found on the menu.

In our Christmas week, during which we offer particularly high-quality dishes, we would like to thank our guests for their loyalty and wish them a Merry Christmas!