Don’t forget to submit your BAföG application!


Submit your application for further funding now to avoid gaps.

To ensure continuous BAföG funding, the follow-up application should be submitted to the Department for Grants in July if the deadline is in August. Initial applications should be submitted as early as possible.

Please use the online application helper. If you do, mistakes can be avoided and the completeness of information can be improved (by using the check button at the bottom left). If you hold a new ID card, filing your application by means of electronic proof of identity is valid without signature and can be sent directly to us. The date of successful transmission is the submission date. It is possible to download the transmitted application as PDF file. If you cannot provide electronic proof of identity: Please print out the application, sign it and send it via mail to the Department for Grants. (Please do not send the PDF file via e-mail!). This is essential since your signature (without electronic proof of identity) is required in the original. Documents needed for reviewing your application are listed.

If you have any quesions, please contact the BAföG counsellor responsible for you or visit the BAföG service at SSZ.

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