The Chances of getting BAföG are clearly better since Winter Semester 2016/17!

The BAföG amount is substantially increased and the parents’ income is taken into account only from a much higher amount. Furthermore, students are allowed to own more savings than before.

This means specifically:

  • The maximum BAföG amount increases from 670 € to 735 €,
  • The parents may have a seven percent higher income before it is taken into account for BAföG,
  • Students may earn up to 450 € (instead of the previous 400 €) monthly before the income is taken into account for BAföG,
  • Students may own a fortune of 7,500 € (previously 5,200 €), before it is taken into account for BAföG.
  • case examples (german)

Even if the BAföG amount you get is low, do not forget that one half is always free and BAföG recipients are exempt from the public broadcasting license fee.

1. BAföG amounts per month raised by 7 percent

Higher BAföG amounts for students


Education-related childcare surcharge (lump sum): 113 Euro for the first child, 85 Euro for each further child -> standard 130 Euro for each child

2. BAföG allowances raised by 7 percent

a) Allowance against income of parents/spouse/life partner (§ 25 BAföG)


b) Allowance against income of student/trainee (§ 23 BAföG)


* Together with the lump sums for income-related expenses and the social expenses, the amount of the BAföG loan does not change, if the income of the student/trainee does not exceed 450 Euro per month. Thus, a 450 Euro mini-job is possible without impairing the eligibility to BAföG.

c) Allowance against assets of the student/trainee (§ 29 BAföG)



Questions on how to apply?

For general questions on the application for BAföG, please visit the BAföG service office at the Student Service Center (SSC).