Contribution to the Mobility Fund suspended for six Semesters

Mobilitätsfonds Beitrag

Due to pandemic-related cost savings, the contribution to the mobility fund will be waived for all students until the summer semester 2024.

The contribution to the mobility fund of 1.50 € will be temporarily suspended for six semesters as of the winter semester 2021/22. As a result, all students at Leipzig's eight universities and academies who are required to pay semester fees will save 1.50 euros each per semester until the summer semester of 2024. However, the services will still be maintained. The reason for this change are cost savings in the mobility fund due to the pandemic.

Usually, all students pay 1.50 € for the mobility fund as part of their semester fee. The services that are funded by the mobility fund, such as the do-it-yourself bicycle repair shops, can be used by all students who made a contribution via their semester fee.