Tableware Exchange

Borrow tableware

New students, especially international students, have the opportunity to borrow a few of the most basic household items free of charge from the tutors at the Studentenwerk Leipzig. As soon as these are no longer needed or the time in Leipzig is over, please return the borrowed items to help new students.
Important: For picking up or bringing back tableware, please make an appointment via E-Mail (!

Donate tableware

Of course, all this is only possible as long as there are dishes on site. To provide this service to students, the tutors need support! If you happen to find grandma’s old dishes in the cupboard or have simply acquired any useful items two or three times over the years, you are welcome to donate them to the tableware exchange! The only requirement: the items should be in good condition to be passed on to new owners without hesitation. Especially pots and pans are always urgently needed!
Important: Please write an E-Mail to The tutors will make an appointment with you. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to pick up donations from your place, you will have to bring them to us when you have your appointment.

The tableware exchange is located at Nürnberger Str. 48 in the basement, room 26.