Plans for reopening of sports and music rooms

The Studentenwerk Leipzig offers common rooms in all student hall of residence as a cost free service. Unfortunately, these rooms have had to remain closed in the past few months due to the pandemic.

Common kitchens or clubrooms are not yet allowed to open. However, we have developed hygiene concepts for the sports and music rooms, and stocked up on hygiene products. The technical equipment has had a check-up, and we are preparing for the reopening. Our dormitory spokespersons will inform you as soon as the rooms are available for use again.

Common Rooms

For the residents to meet, talk, and have fun, common rooms are provided in every hall of residence, like:

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Student Hall of Residence Spokespeople and Tutors

The hall spokespersons and tutors, who are students themselves and live at halls of residence, are always willing to listen to your problems and questions, organize community activities and events and thus make sure people live together in harmony at the halls of residence. For more information on the work of hall of residence spokespeople and tutors, refer to the keyword "Support" on our website.

Student Clubs at Studentenwerk Student Halls

Studentenwohnheim Nürnberger Straße 42-48 / Brüderstraße 26
Student Club "Stuk" at Housing Complex Nürnberger Straße

There are five student pubs at the halls of residence, helping occupants to meet each other and make friends with their programs and the close collaboration with the tutors for foreign students and halls of residence spokespeople.

There are furthermore the HfTL pub Stecker and the TV-Club, both are not located in student halls of residence though. The association of all student pubs in Leipzig is RuTiLuSt.