Group Offers

Our group offers provide professional counselling, psychological support, lots of information and the chance to share and exchange experiences with other students. They can also be used as a supplement to individual counselling sessions.

Dealing with depressive moods

On-site workshop

Depressive symptoms are among the most common mental health difficulties. Those affected usually suffer from a negative mood and often lack drive or energy to take good care of their own mood and well-being. The group aims to help people to take care of themselves in a more empowering way. It provides information about the dynamics of depression and strategies that can help to stabilise one’s mood.

In the first part, essential information on symptoms, dynamics and causes of depressive symptoms is conveyed. In the second part, further concrete measures are discussed on how to favourably influence one’s own mood and everyday life. The third part is about the fact that depressive dynamics usually include a more or less pronounced self-deprecation, which often causes or maintains the symptoms. 

It is recommended to attend the three parts consecutively. However, since the offer is intended as an immediate stabilisation, it is possible to join the group at any time if there are places available. In principle, it is only possible to register for all three dates; individual dates cannot be booked.

If you are interested in the workshop series, please register via our online tool.