Your Vote Counts: The Budestag Election is held on 26 September 2021

Wahlaufruf Bundestagswahl 26. September 2021 #GehWählen!

Bundestag elections on September 26: Those who are not in Leipzig during the summer break can request postal voting documents in advance.

The upcoming Bundestagswahl (federal election) will take place on 26 September 2021. The Studentenwerk Leipzig wants to remind all students to keep the election date in mind. The election will take place during the lecture-free period, and we encourage you to make use of your right to vote and take the necessary measures to do so even if you will not be in the City.

Those who cannot vote in person on 26 September can apply for postal voting documents at the postal voting office of the city of Leipzig. With postal voting, it is possible to vote regardless of time and place, as long as you apply for the voting documents in advance. This makes it possible to vote even before the actual election day. You can request the documents in several ways; online requests will be possible from 9 August.