Workshops by our Psychosocial Counselling Service – New Dates for June


Working with more focus, finding inner peace, preparing for exams under less stress … Our workshops support you in getting through your daily digital study routines. Registration is now open for the new dates in June 2021!

The third semester restricted by the pandemic is in full swing. One might think that everyone would have gotten used to these exceptional conditions by now. But unfortunately it is not that simple. Young people in particular are facing a number of challenges. Accounts from students who take advantage of our counselling services confirm how difficult the situation is. The ongoing uncertainty and the pandemic-related restrictions can be stressful on several levels.

The online workshops offered by our Psychosocial Counselling Service aim to address this. Through conversations, practical advice and exercises we want to facilitate the current study routine. Among other things, participants can learn techniques to work in a more structured way and to be more efficient.

What can be important now:

  • be more relaxed in everyday life
  • work in a structured and focused way
  • pass exams without getting stressed
  • reflect & accept your feelings

In June 2021, there will again be new dates for workshops on various topics. Register now!