Winter-proofing your bike

Tips and tricks for students: Getting trough the cold season well by bike.
Radfahrer mit Fahrrad im Regen
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As the days get shorter and the cold season is about to begin, many cyclists lack the motivation to get on their bikes. Especially if it is foggy, wet and windy.  However, many students do not like to do without their bike, for it allows them to move around the city quickly, flexibly and almost for free. That is why we collected useful tips for all students in Leipzig, on how to get trough autumn and winter safely and easily on their bikes. 

Most importantly you should winter-proof your bike! It is crucial to be seen in the dark and to not lose grip on the slippery bicycle path. So install lights, change old light bulbs, tighten your brakes, check tire pressure and so forth. All of this you can do in our do-it-yourself repair shops like Radschlag, that supply the proper equipment as well. 

Do-It-Yourself Bicycle Repair Shops

In our do-it-yourself repair shops students can repair, recondition, maintain and winter-proof their bikes for free. There are several work stations, each equipped with the necessary tools. If needed  free expert counselling is provided  to students when repairing their bicycles. Further you can find low priced used replacement parts and new replacement parts that can be bought and directly installed in our do-it-yourself repair shops. 

Do-it-yourself repair shop Radschlag

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The staff in the do-it-yourself repair shops are there to help and advise the students. Everyone works on their own bikes, but the students benefit from the know-how and practical experience of the workshop staff.

Park your bike safely and dry 

In order to keep your bike working and protect the material, you should expose it to weather conditions as little as possible. Students who live in our student halls of residence can use underground bicycle storage. Students studying on the campus of Leipzig University in the city centre, can park their bicycles in one of the two large bicycle garages. These are located in the basement under the Mensa am Park and under the Paulinum.

Attentive cycling 

Especially in winter it is important to adapt your bike handling due to icy and slippery roads and bike paths. This is how to get trough traffic safely:

  • reduce speed
  • keep your distance 
  • when cycling on slippery road surfaces avoid steering movements and roll out without using your brakes
  • for more grip: slightly reduce tire pressure 
  • brake earlier and more evenly
  • avoid uncleared bicycle paths: If a bike path is not sanded or cleared, there is no obligation to use it even on signposted paths.

There are three do-it-yourself repair shops for the students of the eight Leipzig universities assigned to the Studentenwerk Leipzig, which are financed by the Mobility Fund. For this service you will have to present your student card containing the "SB" or "MDV" logo for the running semester.