Wild Leipzig: New photo exhibition starting in mid-March

Kämpfende Blässhühner (c) Tilman Peters

From mid-March, 2023, Tilman Peters is going to exhibit his photographies on „Wild Leipzig“ in the Studentenwerk Leipzig.

Tilman Peters is currently studying veterinary science in his eighth semester at Leipzig University. Already during his childhood he discovered and observed nature and thereby found his passion for nature photography. 

After numerous trips through other countries and the discovery of new animal types he meanwhile seeks to show the fascination of nature right at the front door. All the photographies of his exhibition "Wild Leipzig" were therefore taken around Leipzig and show native species. 

Peters invites us to take a closer look in order to discover lots of little miracles: singing bluethroats, fighting coots, playful badgers and more can be viewed until the end of May 2023 in the halls of the first and the second floor of the Studentenwerk Leipzig (Goethestr. 6). 

You want to start an own photo exhibition?

Students who want to present their own photographies in an exhibition can apply at the Studentenwerk Leipzig. The topic can be chosen individually. 24 frames of 59,4 x 84 cm can be used. The exhibition areas are located in the halls of the first and second floor in the Goethestraße 6. The photographies are mostly exhibited for about two months. 

The exhibitions are financed by means of the Studentenwerk Leipzig's Cultural Funding.

It is important to know that during the time of their exhibition the student photographers have to be enrolled at one of the seven institutes and universities that the Studentenwerk Leipzig is responsible for.