Veggie-Days in Mensa Academica and am Elsterbecken


Two Veggie-Days this week!

This week we’ll have two days with vegan and vegetarian delicacies: On 4 July in Mensa Academica with meals like tortellini, pesto and oven baked vegetables as well as green spelt tofu burgers with sprouts and a guacamole dip. On 5 July we offer in student restaurant Mensa am Elsterbecken meals like pan fried Persian chickpeas with halloumi as well as enchiladas with bean stuffing. All meals can be found on our menu website.

Veggie-Days take place since 2010 and were introduced through a student initiative. They are not only our contribution to sustainability but also an offer to students who like to eat vegetarian from time to time to abstain from meat consumption or have a vegetarian diet anyway. For those who do not want to eat meatless: A Veggie-Day takes place in only one student restaurant at a time, so it is possible to switch to another student restaurant on that day. Enjoy your meal!