Vaccination for more attendance during the winter semester


Take the last chance to get the vaccination at the vaccination center, register for the vaccination with your family doctor from October on, or attend special vaccination events.

Getting vaccinated is essential for the chance of a winter semester with more on-site attendance. Those who have not yet been vaccinated can still take offhand advantage of the vaccination services listed below or go to the vaccination center by September 30. Starting in October, family doctors will be the main contact for Covid-19 vaccination, supported by various mobile vaccination teams, specialists, company physicians, and hospitals.

Vaccination campaign at the Helios Versorgungszentrum⠀

  • Covid-19 vaccination (BioNTech)⠀
  • First and second shots as well as booster shots are available⠀
  • 29 September, 6 October, 13 October from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Leipzig Heart Center – ward A4 (Herzzentrum Leipzig – Station A4), Strümpellstraße 39, 04289 Leipzig⠀
  • You can agree appointments online or by telephone, calling +49 30 5445 38 888. ⠀

The Saxon vaccination centers will be open until the end of September 2021

Special vaccination campaigns and mobile vaccination team