Update on the Deutschland-Semesterticket

Attention: In the summer semester 2024 your student ID will no longer be valid as a ticket! So you need to take action and retrieve your Deutschland-Semesterticket from the LVB to stay mobile in the 2024 summer semester.

Digitale ticket via smartphone

  • Register at the Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe(LVB) at LeipzigMOVE to retrieve your digital ticket via smartphone.

Physical ticket as chip card

  • If you don’t want a digital ticket you can alternatively retrieve your Deutschland-Ticket as chip card in one of the service centres of the LVB. This is possible 2 weeks before the start of the semester.

Please note: If you upgraded your semester ticket to the Deutschland-Ticket, you will receive an information from the LVB that the ticket will automatically end by the 31 of March 2024.To retrieve the new Deutschland-Semesterticket at the start of the semester you need to register like mentioned above.

Furthermore we want to address that if you want to apply for an “Reimbursement of the Semester fee” for the summer semester, you can only do that if you have not yet applied for the Deutschland-Semesterticket. The reimbursement is no longer possible once you have retrieved it.

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