Studentenwerk Leipzig receives subsidies for investments in student restaurants and halls


Subsidies by the Free State were awarded in 2019: Studentenwerk about to refurbish and modernize Cafeteria Philipp-Rosenthal-Straße and more

Studentenwerk Leipzig requested funding from the Saxon State Ministry of Science and Arts (SMWK) to realize urgent construction measures in student restaurants and student halls of residence. These subsidies were recently granted.

With them, Cafeteria Philipp-Rosenthal-Straße is now about to be extensively refurbished. Among other things, the floor in the kitchen that is soaked because of water damages can now be renewed entirely. Additionally the whole counter area is to be refurbished as well as the return and dish washing areas. To improve accessibility, a separate coffee counter is planned on the ground floor and new tables and chairs will be acquired. In addition to the 300,000 EUR in subsidies for refurbishments and a further 90,000 EUR for furniture, Studentenwerk Leipzig itself will invest around 115,000 EUR in maintenance measures.

Construction is scheduled to begin in October 2019. Cafeteria Philipp-Rosenthal-Straße will reopen with the beginning of summer semester 2020 at the latest. In addition to a new concept, different opening hours are planned: During the semester break we don't want to close the cafeteria anymore; we want to guarantee at least a limited service during the whole academic year on this campus. Until cafeteria Philipp-Rosenthal-Straße reopens, we kindly ask our customers to switch to our new student restaurant and cafeteria Mensa am Medizincampus.

Apart from refurbishing cafeteria Philipp-Rosenthal-Straße  we use the subsidies granted by the Free State of Saxony to install a new dish washing machine in student restaurant Mensa Academica between October and December 2019. We also want to refurnish cafeteria Mensa am Elsterbecken by the end of the year. Additionally, we will modernize student hall of residence Straße des 18. Oktober 33 in 2020. We also plan to install digital locking systems in our three biggest student halls of residence (Straße des 18. Oktober (1097 rooms), Philipp-Rosenthal-Straße (427 rooms) and Mannheimer Straße (310 rooms)).

The four Saxon Studentenwerk organisations requested subsidies from SMWK. They received a total of 5 Mio. EUR in subsidies in July of which Studentenwerk Leipzig receives approx. 1 Mio. EUR for urgent maintenance measures in student restaurants and student halls of residence. These measures are made possible with tax money on the basis of the budget approved by the Saxon state parliament.