What we offer

In our Mensas and Cafeterias we offer a wide variety of food to students and university employees allowing them to always put together their very own individual lunches. Every day, our student restaurants offer various dishes, at least one of which is vegetarian. Furthermore, there are salads, and you will frequently find pasta, wok and grill counters, where we, in part, prepare food freshly and right in front of our customers’ eyes.

Our bigger facilities offer you the opportunity to personally put together your meals thanks to our free flow concept. For this purpose you are free to take your pick from a wide selection consisting of various main components, wok or grill specialties, dishes from the pasta or pizza counter or the salad bar, as well as our range of side dishes. You can complement your lunch with desserts and smoothies. At the moment, the free flow concept is already set up at the  Mensa am ParkMensa am Elsterbecken, Mensa am Medizincampus and Mensa Academica. The range of foods we offer is rounded off by an assortment of miscellaneous snacks such as sandwich rolls, smaller dishes and soups, pastry and sweets.

Vegetarian Dishes

Each day, all of our Mensas and most of our Cafeterias offer at least one vegetarian dish as well as an extensive range of vegetarian snacks, salads and desserts.

On our menus, vegetarian dishes are identified using the cheese symbol. When labelling vegetarian food, we also take into consideration ingredients and components that are not evident at first sight, such as gelatine, animal rennet or real carmine, just the same goes for honey in vegan dishes offered.

In order to allow vegetarians and vegans to have the biggest possible selection, we largely abstain from using animal products in meatless dishes. For instance, we reduce the use of products containing gelatine in our kitchens to an absolute minimum – to the extent this is possible while working in a student restaurant kitchen environment. Regarding cheese, we always have our suppliers specify which kind of rennet was used, and, as far as available, only work with cheese that was produced without the use of animal rennet.

You will find further information below under the subject of Allergens & Additives.


Studentenwerk Leipzig is offering a wide selection of vegan dishes and snacks. In order to allow customers living on a vegan diet to find their dishes more easily, we mark our vegan food with the word “vegan”. In our showcase range of goods, vegan food is identified by means of a green spot, and in the online menu by means of a plant shoot symbol.

We generally prepare our vegetable and satiating side dishes without the use of butter and thus in a vegan way, unless otherwise indicated. Exceptions to this are, for example, cabbage side dishes with bacon or vegetables with sauce hollandaise. These will be labelled accordingly and, as far as possible, only be offered as an alternative to their vegan version.

  • At the Mensa am Park we offer one complete vegan dish per day. In addition to that, our customers have the opportunity to put together their own individual lunch from a variety of vegan dishes and components. In order to do so, they can, during the semester on a daily basis, take their pick from our vegan food offered at the grill, wok and pasta counters, our choice of side dishes and from the salad bar. Furthermore, we regularly offer vegan pizza.
  • At the Mensa am Elsterbecken we regularly offer a vegan dish at the wok, grill and pasta counter.
  • At the Mensa Peterssteinweg we offer a vegan wok dish on a daily basis. 
  • At the Mensa Academica we offer at least one vegan wok dish per day, and there are vegan pasta dishes as well as other vegan dishes on a regular basis.

The choice of our vegan dishes offered at our other Mensas is being successively expanded for specific locations according to students’ demands. Furthermore, we will also expand the choice of vegan dishes offered at our cafeterias. Here, we offer not only vegan rolls and sandwiches, but also vegan ragout, vegan soups, and vegan cookies and brownies, always depending on location.

In general, the food we offer during semester break may differ from our usual range.

Where can I find the vegan range?

You will find at least one vegan dish a day in the following canteens:

Allergens & Additives

Dealing with Allergens

Customers suffering from food intolerances or allergies are at any time welcome to contact the respective student restaurant management with questions concerning ingredients.

An elaborate allergen management is a prerequisite for reliably labelling the food we offer. Such management encompasses numerous areas of our everyday work: from the detailed registration of allergenic ingredients in our merchandise management system via the preparation in the kitchens strictly according to recipes, the avoidance of cross-contaminations during the preparation process, up to serving the food and correctly presenting it on the menu. Our employees are regularly trained in that respect.

The allergen data is based on information we receive from the producers and suppliers. Due to the product diversity offered by the manufacturers it is possible that cross-contamination might occur and that the products might also contain minor amounts of ingredients that are not listed. Furthermore, by way of precaution, we would like to point out that we surely do our best to prevent it, but that generally when running a student restaurant kitchen the possibility of a cross-contamination and product contagion cannot be completely ruled out. Therefore it is not possible to guarantee the complete absence of allergens.

Reduction of Additives

When planning the menu we attribute great importance to quality and freshness. Already during the purchasing process, we try to buy products containing no additives, such as flavour enhancers. We have completely banished from our range of products offered all food containing azo dyes criticized for impairing activity and attention in children. In all our foods offered we identify all the additives required to be identified by legislative authorities.

  • Additives
    • 1 containing colouring agent
    • 2 containing preserving agent
    • 3 containing antioxidant agent
    • 4 containing flavour enhancer
    • 5 sulphurated
    • blackened
    • 7 waxed
    • 8 containing phosphate
    • 9 containing sweetener
    • 10 containing phenylalanine
  • Allergens
    • 13 crops containing gluten
    • 14 crustaceans
    • 15 eggs
    • 16 fish
    • 17 peanuts
    • 18 soy
    • 19 milk / lactose
    • 20 edible nuts / nuts
    • 21 celery
    • 22 mustard
    • 23 sesame
    • 24 sulphite / sulphur dioxide
    • 25 lupine
    • 26 molluscs


We focus on family friendliness and offer students with child(ren) and their little ones a series of special services in order for the whole family to be able to enjoy a relaxed and delicious lunch.

Children’s Card (Kinderkarte) & Children’s Plates (Kinderteller)

Until they reach the age of 10, children of students will get their lunch meal for free. For this purpose, a special children’s student restaurant card (Kinderkarte) can be used, which has to be placed at the cashier’s desk in a clearly visible manner when paying. As a prerequisite for using the children’s student restaurant card, simultaneously at least one meal or two side dishes or a salad dish have to be purchased for one of the parents. Salads, desserts and the range of foods offered at the cafeterias are not considered as a children’s meal.

These cards are valid for one semester at a time and may then be renewed. They can be applied for, collected, renewed, returned and reported lost either directly by calling on the Studentenwerk Leipzig social counsellors or by writing an E-mail to: sozialberatung@studentenwerk-leipzig.de.

Furthermore, we provide special children’s plates (Kinderteller) at all student restaurants, available to you directly at the counter or from the student restaurant staff. Please solely use these plates with the coloured motifs for any student restaurant food you buy for your child(ren).

Meals for Toddlers

Toddlers who are not yet old enough for eating meals from our menu may, nevertheless, be fed in our student restaurants and cafeterias. For instance, there are microwaves that can be used for heating up any toddler food brought along.

Do not hesitate to just turn to our staff on site for assistance!

Download: Application for Children Cards in our Student Restaurants

Children’s Play Corners

In order for students with child(ren) to feel especially comfortable and welcome at our student restaurants and cafeterias, most of our facilities provide children’s play corners offering the little ones the opportunity to play and frolic around. The tables situated in the immediate vicinity are, of course, reserved for the parents and marked accordingly..