Student Halls of Residence Improved and Relet

Studentenwerk Leipzig invests 4.7 million Euro in improving two student halls of residence.
Studentenwohnheim Straße des 18. Oktober 23-33

After extensive modernisation and maintenance works, two houses at student halls of residence Straße des 18. Oktober 25-33 and Johannes-R.-Becher-Straße 3-5 were reopened on schedule at the beginning of winter semester 2017/18.

With 1,100 rooms, student hall of residence 18. Oktober 25-33 is the largest housing facility of Studentenwerk Leipzig. At that facility, construction works took almost half a year and due maintenance works regarding fire prevention and house security were executed over that period as well. The overage housing forms were adapted to the current needs of students: Existing two-party flats with a small and a larger single room were reconstructed to two-party flats with breakfast kitchen and two same sized single rooms. Also three-party flats with large kitchens were newly formed as well as new single flats. The different room formations are mixed all over the house to support social living. Flooring and bathrooms were renewed as well.

Studentenwohnheim Johannes-R.-Becher-Straße 3-11
Student hall of residence Johannes-R.-Becher-Straße 3-11

Capital costs and maintenance expenses for improving this house amount to 4.3 million Euro and were completely financed through equity capital of Studentenwerk Leipzig. State grants by the Free State of Saxony for such measures were and are currently not planned. For this reason, the rental rate for the improved rooms has increased: A room in a shared flat costs between 270 and 290 Euro per month while the rent for a single apartment amounts to 300 Euro per month – incidental costs and furniture included.

“The rental rates for recently improved rooms are currently above the BAföG accommodation lump-sum of 250 Euro. Taking into account the missing grants of the federal government or the Free State of Saxony regarding the preservation of student halls, this cannot be avoided,” explains Dr. Andrea Diekhof, managing director of Studentenwerk Leipzig. “Right now, the average rent measured by the rental rates of all of our 5,200 rooms at our residences amounts to 230 Euro per room and month including incidental costs and furniture.”

“However, there is a significant demand for renewing and improving all our student halls of residence over the next few years. If we have to continue financing these measures at our own expenses, we are not able to uphold the current student-friendly rental rates. To do this, a subsidization by the federal or state government is essential.”

Student hall of residence Johannes-R.-Becher-Straße 3-11 is second largest housing facility of Studentenwerk Leipzig with around 900 rooms. Between July and August 2017, significant reconstruction works (water, ventilation, sanitary) were executed without changing the flat forms. Costs for these measures amount to 400,000 Euro and were also funded through equity capital of Studentenwerk Leipzig. Tenants could move in as of 1 September 2017 already.