Statement on planned BAföG budget cuts


The ongoing discussions on drastic cuts of the state budget for 2024 also affect BAföG. We argue for better educational opportunities: Sign the petition now and share the message!

Currently there is a heated discussion on cutting the means for BAföG in the state budget for 2024 massively. In case this resolution is approved, students will be negatively affected by this, too. In 2024 only 1.4 billion euros are intended for BAföG in the state budget, whereas this year 1.8 billion euros were spent for it. 

There are two important claims regarding BAföG:

  • Rise of required rates and allowances as inflation adjustment for BAföG receivers 
  • Fundamental BAföG system reforms (which have been promised by the federal government in the coalition contract in order to build the "base for a decade of educational opportunities")

Unfortunately neither of these two claims are financeable with the current state budget plan. This is why we together with our umbrella organisation "Deutsches Studierendenwerk" would like to confront the federal government and the members of the Bundestag with their problematic plans in order to prevent a BAföG budget cut.

We rely on the support of the students in order to cause a positive change! How does this work? Share the message and sign the following petition: "Keine Kürzung beim BAföG – Sichere Zukunftschancen für Studierende und Auszubildende!"