Series of Online Events About the Corona Vaccination in Different Langauges


The Welcome Center Leipzig and the culturally sensitive health guides (KuGeL) provide information about the Corona vaccination.

Together with the culturally sensitive health guides (KuGeL), the Welcome Center Leipzig offers a series of online events about the Corona vaccination tailored to inform you about various aspects of the vaccination. During these events, questions regarding the Corona vaccination will be discussed in different languages.

Date & language:

  •  Tuesday, 10 August, 5.00 p.m.: English, German, Spanish.
  •  Tuesday, 17 August, 5.00 p.m.: German, Arabic, Persian
  •  Tuesday, 24 August, 5.00 p.m.: German, Russian, Romanian

Key points of the event:

  • General information on the Coronavirus disease.
  • Vaccination and different options for getting vaccinated:
    • Where do I get a vaccination?      
    • What should I watch out for after vaccination?
    • Information on different vaccines

A registration for the online events  is required. If you are interested, please email to

For more info, check out the Facebook page of the Welcome Center or their website.