Saxon Parliament Elections on 1 Sep: What are the parties’ attitudes towards us?


The Saxon Studentenwerk organizations see the need for further political action regarding the students’ social infrastructure.

We, the Saxon Studentenwerk organizations, want to shape the social infrastructure and conditions for students adequately according to our statutory mission. This is only possible if Saxon state politics provide sufficient financial means for e.g. the refurbishment of student halls while rents being kept low at the same time or the modernization of student restaurants and cafeterias with affordable prices and good food nonetheless.

During the current term, Saxon state politics did a lot for us. They have set a good example by increasing subsidies for Studentenwerk organizations. To keep the current standard and to ensure successful work in the future, the directors of the four Saxon Studentenwerk organizations see further need for political action.

On 1 September 2019, the Saxon people vote a new state parliament, the Landtag. Because of that, we, the Saxon Studentenwerk organizations, asked the parties what they took down in their programmes with regard to us, in order to keep the good conditions for students on a satisfactory level and respectively develop them further adequately. The answers will be published in summer in the “Wahlprüfstein” publications (specific questions from groups, answered and published by all parties).

Please note: Internationals do not have the right to vote in state elections. They are not eligible to stand as a candidate either.