The results of the residential satisfaction survey have come in


At the end of 2018 we interviewed the inhabitants of our student halls of residence. The results have now been evaluated: Housing satisfaction continues to rise, however there are suggestions for improvement as well.

Satisfaction in our student halls of residence is rising continuously: This is the result of the survey conducted by the Studentenwerk Leipzig at the end of 2018 among the inhabitants of our student halls of residence.

The question whether they would recommend their residence halls to others was answered with yes at an average of 85%. Shared flats are particularly popular among those surveyed – a trend that the Studentenwerk is already picking up with its mix of housing forms. Approximately 80% of the student halls of residence of the Studentenwerk Leipzig are rooms in shared flats.

The online application procedure and the support for studNet, which guarantees Internet access and can be used to set up a personal wireless network, were particularly well received.

Of course, numerous requests and suggestions for improvement were also made. The survey participants still see a need for action regarding kitchen equipment, furniture, bicycle storage facilities, access to common rooms and cleanliness in the student halls. We accept this criticism in order to improve our services in many areas.

However, it will hardly be possible to implement some of the wishes that have been expressed: for example, it will not be economically possible to install ovens beyond the ones currently in use in the common rooms. The Studentenwerk Leipzig is also unable to implement the occasionally desired improvement in lighting on the grounds around the halls of residence on its own. We will, however, take this matter to the city of Leipzig, as it is mostly a matter of public roads.

One measure that was already derived from the last surveys concerned washing machines: Since the condition and payment methods of the washing machines were criticized, all washing machine rooms in the student halls of residence are now equipped with new and additional devices and converted to cashless payment.

Compared to the previous survey in 2015, significantly more students took part in the current survey. The approx. 2,700 responses allow representative conclusions to be drawn about the satisfaction of the approximately 5,200 students inhabiting the student halls of residence of the Studentenwerk Leipzig.