Pumpkin-week in Mensa am Park


The week of 4 November – 7 November, Mensa am Park will offer a special pumpkin dish every day.

Did you know that the pumpkin is world's biggest berry? And since we can not miss out on something that big, the team of Mensa am Park is dedicating a whole week of special offers to this giant fruit: Starting from 4 November, there will be a special pumpkin dish every day, till including 7 November.

  • Monday: Pumpkin risotto with pumpkin seeds and Italian hard cheese (2,65/4,40/6,10€)*
  • Tuesday: Wild salmon fillet on pumpkin-potato pancake with two kinds of sour cream (3,35/5,20/7,20€)*
  • Wednesday: Pumpkin chia burger (3,35/5,20/7,20€)*
  • Thursday: Pumpkin pie with (more) berries (1,75/2,50/3,35€)*

All of those plates will be available at the promotion vending cart. Enjoy your meal!

*Prices for students/employees/guests and only while stocks last