Provisional Cards for International Students / Student Restaurants + MDV


International students can pick up provisional cards for our student restaurants and public transport.

International students enrolled at the University of Leipzig who do not own a UniCard at the beginning of the semester can pick up a provisional card for our student restaurants (and cafeterias) and a provisional card for public transport at Student Service Center (SSZ), desk 5.

  • The provisional card for student restaurants and cafeterias (also referred to as Mensa Card) is needed for cashless payment in our student restaurants and cafeterias until you receive your UniCard – the provisional card will expire on 30 April 2019. After that day, only your UniCard is valid and useable.
  • A deposit of 10 EUR must be paid for the provisional student restaurant card.
  • In order to receive your provisional cards, please bring your certificate of enrolment and your ID card.
  • The provisional ticket for public transport (MDV) can be used as a valid ticket for transportation with busses and trains/trams within the MDV (Central German Transportation Association) transport network. It is valid until 30 April 2019. After that day, only your UniCard is valid.
    Make sure you always carry your ID card and certificate of enrolment with you in case of ticket controls.
  • Both provisional cards are reserved exclusively for students who are newly enrolled international students of the University of Leipzig who cannot use their UniCard before 1 April 2019.
  • The provisonal student restaurant card (Mensa Card) must be returned to SSZ. Upon returning, please bring your UniCard, so we can transfer the remaining balance on the provisional card to your UniCard.

Find more information about the MDV semester ticket on our semester ticket website.