Photo Exhibition ‘Spring in Patagonia’


The new photo exhibition at Studentenwerk features impressive shots from Patagonia

Matching the current season of the year, the new photography exhibition at Studentenwerk Leipzig is spring themed—but this kind of spring does not correspond to the kind of spring we know. Svetlana Gilfert, student of Business Informatics at Leipzig University, travelled through the Patagonian Los Glaciares National Park in October 2018. She took stunning photos of a breathtaking landscape. She captured glaciers, steep granite mountain massifs and wide lakes. “In my opinion, great photos are the most beautiful souvenir which I could bring home from travel,” says the 27 year old student.

The photographs are displayed throughout May and June in the main building of Studentenwerk Leipzig: SSZ, Goethestraße 6, on the first and second floor during the usual office hours.